How To Hack Anything Using All-In-One lscript Tool ? : Step-By-Step Guide


Hello hackers, Hope you guys are doing well. so today’s tutorial is for our n00bies and to all those hackers who want to get all tools into a single tools making them type less. This “lscript” tool is a script written by Aris Melachroinos, which allows you to automate penetration testing or hacking easily. It installs all the best tools available until 2017 for Kali Linux.

FEATURES: Custom keyboard shortcuts, launch any tool within lscript
Enabling-Disabling interfaces faster
Changing Mac faster
Anonymizing yourself faster
View your public IP faster
View your MAC faster
	(This installer installs every tool you need automatically! (except Zatacker))
	Fluxion				by Deltaxflux
	WifiTe				by derv82
	Wifiphisher			by Dan McInerney
	Zatacker			by ???
	Morpheus			by Pedro ubuntu  [ r00t-3xp10it ]
	Osrframework			by i3visio
	Hakku				by 4shadoww
	Trity				by Toxic-ig
	Cupp				by Muris Kurgas
	Dracnmap			by Edo -maland-
	Fern Wifi Cracker		by Savio-code
	Kichthemout			by Nikolaos Kamarinakis & David Schütz
	BeeLogger			by Alisson Moretto - 4w4k3
	Ghost-Phisher			by Savio-code
	Mdk3-master                     by Musket Developer
	Anonsurf                        by Und3rf10w
	The Eye                         by EgeBalci
	Airgeddon                       by v1s1t0r1sh3r3
	Xerxes                          by zanyarjamal
	Ezsploit                        by rand0m1ze
	Katana framework                by PowerScript
	4nonimizer                      by Hackplayers
	Sslstrip2                       by LeonardoNve
	Dns2proxy                       by LeonardoNve
	Pupy                            by n1nj4sec
	Zirikatu                        by pasahitz
	TheFatRat                       by Sceetsec
	Angry IP Scanner                by Anton Keks
	Sniper                          by 1N3
	ReconDog                        by UltimateHackers
	RED HAWK                        by Tuhinshubhra
**Wifi password scripts**
	Handshake       (WPA-WPA2)
	Find WPS pin    (WPA-WPA2)
	WEP hacking     (WEP)

How to Install lscript ?

This tool is available on Github and follow the simple step to install it

  1. Open up a terminal and navigate to your working directory
  2. Type in the following command "git clone" this will attempt to clone the github repository into a single folder named lscript
  3. Now change your directory to the cloned folder from github using this command "cd lscript”
  4. Type in “ls” to know the files present in the working directory, but first, we need to get the permissions to execute the setup file, to do this type “chmod +x”lscript installation
  5. Type “./” to start your installation process. This will attempt to download all the required dependencies and tool from Github

How to use lscrpit ?

  1. Open another terminal and type in “l“, this will start the lazy script.
  2. Now you will be displayed with option for
  • ifconfig
  • Enabling/Disabling Wi-Fi and Monitor mode on wifi
  • Changing/Restoring MAC
  • Starting/disabling Anonymous surf
  • checking the anonymous status
  • view your public IP Address
  • View your MAC ID
  • Tools available with in the script (downloaded/required to be downloaded)
  • Handshakes captured
  • Find WPS pin
  • WEP Hacking
  • MITM attack
  • Metasploit
  • E-Mail Spoofing … as shown in the screenshot:

How To Hack Anything Using All-In-One lscript Tool ? : Step-By-Step Guide


to check for tools type in “9“, it will list available options for Tools as shown in the following screenshot, we can see that we have options for

  • Wi-Fi tools
  • Remote Access
  • Information Gathering
  • Installing /Re installing tool

lscript tool menu

to list all the available tools which we can install move into Installing tools, this will list all the tools available to us as described above and is shown in the following screenshot.

lscript tools script

to list the tools present for us in remote access  we check in to remote access and could find the most useful tools for creating payloads to exploit victim as seen in the screenshot:

for wifi hacking, we have many tools as we can see to be listed in the screenshot:

lscript wifi tools description

so without wasting your time install this tools, to save you time from typing and being lazy, hope you would like this article, and please comment below if you have any queries regarding the tool or any other topic and do share so that your hacker group can come to know about this awesome tools available publicly on the internet. If you wish to know how to hack Kali Linux read this article How To Hack The Hacker’s OS Kali Linux  and if you want to hack your friend with in network then follow the article on How To Hack With Xerosploit

Thank you.