How Z-Shadow Is Used To Hack Any Facebook Account : Tutorial [Part 2]

hack facebook account password using zshadow

In my previous tutorial, we learnt Facebook hacking with In this tutorial, I will show you, how to hack Facebook using z-shadow.

Steps to be followed

How to hack facebook

  • Fill whole information and click sign up

How to hack facebook using zshadow

  • After sign up u will see page like below

How to hack facebook

  • In my case I checked first link but it was not working so check other one. After selecting any link copy link and send it to your victim. Make sure to click on English language.
  • After your victim logins go to my victims option on top left corner.

How To Hack Any Facebook Account : Tutorial

  • There you can see your victim’s password and Great job now you can use his account now.

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Click here to Watch video  tutorial 

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