Call of Duty Mobile MOD Download


Call of Duty Mobile is coming to Android and iOS devices very soon and the beta version has been released. Looking at the reviews it seems that the game will take over the world by a storm, and is certainly not to be a disappointment as most mobile shooter games are.

You can try the latest Call of Duty Mobile MOD for Android and IOS devices. It has the wallhack, aimbot, and more functions. You can unlock all the characters, weapons and outfits.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod might be a tough nut to crack for players who haven’t played the original versions on their personal devices. As it is incredibly similar to the original version.

About the game

What makes Call of Duty Mobile stand out from other shooter games is its ability to support single-player games to multiplayer ones. It allows a maximum of 100 people to play on one single map.

Before the game begins, you can choose your weapons and skins. These have their own drawbacks and advantages, thus completely customizing the gameplay. 

There are customizations available for every small and large thing from the speed of sprinting to adjusting the sensitivity. This is because there are two modes of controls available: simple and advanced. The latter provides more optimization. There are up to seventeen sliders for aiming sensitivity, this means that you can completely set up your player for the win.

While the simple manual allows automatic firing after the aim has been set, the advanced controls allow you to aim lower or higher, and then shoot manually. This makes it very different from the mobile games around right now.

The game also boasts of setting the manuals according to your preference on the screen so that they are comfortable in your reach, while the game is being played. From firing controls to emojis, there is everything available.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD Features

Here are some of the main features you get by using this Call of Duty Mobile MOD:

  • Auto-aim & Wallhack
  • Unlock All Characters/Weapons/Outfits
  • Unlimited Ammo/ No reload
  • Infinite Health
  • Free to download
  • Available for all Android/IOS devices
  • Call of Duty: Mobile Mod file is very easy to install
  • No need to jailbreak/root your device!

Game Modes

For the fans of Call of Duty, Call of Duty Mobile boasts off six veterans who are confirmed to become a part of the game. There are also five of players’ favorite maps to become a part of the game: these include Nuketown, Crash and Hijacked amongst others. Five modes have been announced that can be played with 8-10 players.

1. Free-for-All: The classic deathmatch.
2. Frontline: Opposing teams fight on the battleground.
3. Team Death Match: Defeating the opposing team to death.
4. Hard-Point: Earning points by capturing the players.
5. Domination: Usurping positions to earn points.

For fans, who were crazy about the original version of Call of Duty, Call of Duty Mobile will come as a brilliant surprise. This is because the interface is built in a manner that supports all kinds of customizations. Before the beginning of the match, the player can choose three weapons of his choice that can, of course, be customized.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD Reviews

According to reviews, Call of Duty Mobile has already been declared one of the best mobile shooting games and has surpassed even Pubg mobile in terms of technicalities.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod, all in all, according to the reviews, seems to promise excellent gameplay. The hype has also been created due to the pre-registrations that have already begun and the information that appears to be coming promises one of the best mobile shooter games.

You can download Call of Duty Mobile MOD right now from here!