How to be An0Nymous on Kali Linux by using Anonsurf module

How to be An0Nymous on Kali Linux by using Anonsurf module

Hey guys, today I’m gonna show you all a very quick, easy & effective method to remain anonymous on your Kali Linux system so that no one can trace you from your activities.

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  So, basically, we’re gonna install Anonsurf module, which will anonymize the entire system under TOR using IPTables.

         STEP 1: Download Anonsurf.

        Fire up your kali & enter following command in terminal.

  git clone

root@kali:~# git clone

Cloning into ‘kali-anonsurf’…

remote: Counting objects: 275, done.

remote: Total 275 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 275

Receiving objects: 100% (275/275), 163.44 KiB | 75.00 KiB/s, done.

Resolving deltas: 100% (79/79), done.

Checking connectivity… done.


After the download is complete, goto to the directory where you downloaded. You can do this by using cd command to move back & forth through various directories.


root@kali:~# cd kali-anonsurf/


root@kali:~/kali-anonsurf# ls  kali-anonsurf-deb-src  LICENSE


        STEP 2: Install Anonsurf.

In the kali-anonsurf folder, you’ll find an installer script. Kudos, that’s what we want to get anonsurf working on your system.

           So now, simply execute the script by entering the following command:


       Now it will automatically install the module onto your system & it will also update the /etc/tor/torrc file to add the following code.


AutomapHostsOnResolve 1

TransPort 9040

SocksPort 9050

DNSPort 53

RunAsDaemon 1

   It will also update your /etc/resolv.conf file to update the following code.

root@kali:~# cat /etc/resolv.conf




   STEP 3: Run Anonsurf.

So, with this anonsurf installed, now you are all set to start it.

       Enter the following command whenever you want to begin the process. It will automatically start TOR for you.

        anonsurf start

root@kali:~# anonsurf start

* killing dangerous applications

* cleaning some dangerous cache elements

[ i ] Stopping IPv6 services:

[ i ] Starting anonymous mode:

* Tor is not running!  starting it  for you

* Saved iptables rules

* Modified resolv.conf to use Tor and Private Internet Access DNS

* All traffic was redirected throught Tor

[ i ] You are under AnonSurf tunnel


Now, you can also check your IP by the following command:

      anonsurf myip

root@kali:~# anonsurf myip

My ip is:


  To stop anonsurf, simply type in the following:
        anonsurf stop

root@kali:~# anonsurf stop

* killing dangerous applications

* cleaning some dangerous cache elements

[ i ] Stopping anonymous mode:

* Deleted all iptables rules

* Iptables rules restored

[ i ] Reenabling IPv6 services:

* Anonymous mode stopped

Instead of stopping and starting again, you can simply restart it to avoid the painstaking. Just hit the following command:
        anonsurf restart

  So, each time you restart anonsurf, it will randomly assign you a different IP address! Isn’t that amazing & cool guys?!

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WARNING: Don’t ever run anonsurf by service anonsurf start command. Run it as anonsurf start

Just to satisfy yourself, you may check your IP & DNS by visiting the following site:

  That’s it guys, I hope you enjoy reading this tutorial. Please comment below whether you liked it or not. Your feedbacks value a lot for us. Meet you soon guys! Take care & happy winter. 🙂