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Using the best transactional SMS service to help your clients and intended audiences with the correct placement of data 24/7 is essential.

Transactional SMS is a solution that is used to tell your subscribers about the newest deals or service information. Transactional SMS is mostly employed by banks, e-commerce interfaces, logistics etc. It is a one stop solution to allocate details to your important clients. Transactional SMS can approach to your intended audience within very less time. Transactional SMS service providers can cater to a large number of individuals at a reasonable cost.

  • Transactional SMS cannot be employed for marketing.
  • We offer you gap to make a decision and allocate a sender identity of your selection.

SMS has always been a very conventional process of communication following an uprising in technology. It is always a habit to employ the most inexpensive method for your organization. Bulk SMS with its flexible attribute offers us two methods, i.e., promotional and transactional with its individual planned allocation.

We, MSGClub, offer bulk transactional SMS solutions to our clients’ at the most money-making packages to allow the shortest communication amid the companies and the clients. Initiated by TRAI, the transactional messages are targeted at offering details to the users. These messages can be employed by organizations, products and banks to tell their clients regarding transactions being done from their bank account?

We are amongst the most important transactional messaging service provider and give businesses an economical method of sending the essential details to the clients, and you can buy transactional SMS out of the different ones.

We provide users with the premium bulk SMS solution via a range of text message packages, each of which differs in the price and the number of messages. With a limitless authority for the plan, the clients may use the obtainable messages in their package according to their obligation. Employing your sender identity, you may send at any instance of the day.

As one of the quality oriented and most important bulk SMS provider, we always offer our clients the overall help needed for the suitable sending of the details to the individuals.

We also facilitate a transactional SMS API, which may be simply incorporated into your present system software to allow a simpler method to create and start the sending of messages to the intended recipients.

We are amongst the best bulk SMS firms that provide dependable and reasonable services without compromising on the service value. We provide with the most excellent transactional SMS gateway to allow:

It is very simple to employ our bulk SMS solutions and our text message plans are extremely reasonable as well. We totally guarantee cost effectiveness.

  • Sending of the SMS on even the DND numbers
  • Delivery of SMS 24 hrs and 24X7
  • Sending of vital transactional details to individuals just after the dispensation of the transaction
  • Alternative for push delivery alert
  • Plan voice SMS campaign.

Also, we are also one of the best bulk SMS reseller service provider amongst available in the market.