Top Best Hacking Tools For Linux, Windows And Mac OS X In 2019

Top best hacking tools for windows, linux, mac in 2018

Hacking is the process of hacking into systems may it be websites, operating systems, computers, phones or anything. Literally, but its not even that easy, as you might be thinking. In fact most of you have admired it as something very challenging or even hectic sweat process. But trust me there are some tools for you that you might not be knowing & these can do your job pretty much easier. So in this list we will be seeing the top best hacking tools for windows, Linux and/or Mac OS x users.

Disclaimer: HackeRoyale is publishing this article just for educational purposes and we don’t promote malicious practices.

Top Best Hacking tools for Windows, Linux & Mac :


Metasploit is a big tool very often used for multiple purposes. Let me be more precise, this is not just a tool, but a giant framework for all hacking objectives. It is a multi-feature oriented framework wherein you can find ‘n‘ number of exploits for Android, Windows, website & other hacking-related. Also, it not just do that, but you can use it for reconnaissance too.

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Top 20 Best Hacking Tools For all platforms

BurpSuite is a best tool I can say sure for Web Application Penetration Testing. Believe me, there’s nothing much worth than this when it comes to practically finding bugs. It not just limits to that, but also offers several cool extension features like burp Intruder, repeater, scanner, spider, extender, sequencer. Basically it acts like a proxy between your originating traffic from web browser to the web server functioning at back-end. It comes in both free as well as professional edition. You must try this & take my word you must have it if you wanna be a successful bug hunter.

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Sqlmap is another important tool when it comes to SQL injection attacks. This tool helps you hacking into sites potentially vulnerable to SQL injection vulnerabilities. This can be used to effectively find database, search for tables, columns & finally data tuples. Its very easy & just command thing which you need to remember. It actually does the work simpler which would have been much tedious otherwise.

How would it be doing SQL injection straight from your own Android device. Fascinating right? Read this tutorial for hacking websites using SQLMAP on Android.


All Nmap tool commands at your fingertips!

Nmap or Network mapper is a widely used tool for reconnaissance phase. It is best when it comes to port scanning, scanning for services on target host, operating system used by the target. So it helps a lot during information gathering phase. It also allows to perform attacks on ftp or other services using lists or dictionary.

This is a very useful tool & probably again a must have for a hacker.

THC Hydra

THC Hydra is a very popular password cracking tool used for cracking into systems. Hydra is very flexible, it allows you to use dictionary, lists, & even make your own lists. Isn’t that amazing! You can use Hydra for exploitation into websites, accounts, etc.

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Here comes the big name used by WiFi hackers. Yes, if you’ve ever hacked into WiFi’s you would probably be knowing about this tool. Aircrack-ng is widely used for Wireless hacking targets. The tool is actually very flexible & easy to use. This tool is available across all major platforms, but using it on Linux with a Wireless Adapter having monitor mode ON, is just an awesome experience man!

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Aircrack-ng is a WiFi hacking tool. It is very widely used for WiFi hacking purposes. You will find tools for attacking, pen-testing, monitoring WiFi, & cracking. It can hack WPA/WPA2-PSK & WEP also.

Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)

top best hacking tools set

Social Engineering Toolkit is a powerful tool used for social engineering attacks. This comes in with wide range of features, like phishing, spamming, bulk email, etc. SET is a really helping for new comers as it is also much easy and efficient to use.

Learn how to create clone websites using SET here.

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John The Ripper

top best hacking tools 2018 john the ripper

Coming second after THC Hydra, this tool belongs to the same family of password cracking tools. But John The Ripper is still well-known for its working. You can read more about its working here.

Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner

top best hacking tools nikto

Nikto scanner is used for web application penetration testing. You can scan for websites using either their domains or IP addresses, both way. Read our exclusive tutorial on how to find vulnerabilities using nikto here.


top hacking tools 2018 owasp zap

Somewhat like BurpSuite, and often recommended for bug hunting & penetration testing, OWASP ZAP is another good proxy tool for ethical hacking. OWASP is a big community dedicated to cyber security. Having a pool of expert cyber sec professionals, they are consistently working for the better of safe secure web. You can also check for top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities of every year.

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Cain And Abel

top hacking tools 2018 cain and abel

Cain & Abel comes third after hydra & john the ripper in its family. This tool is very old but still it is used for cracking passwords. Although it may not be that efficient as its new offspring, but still it deserves a try!

Learn more on how to crack passwords using Cain & Abel here.

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

top hacking tools 2018 nessus

Nessus is an altogether different but unique tool for vulnerability scanning. This free tool is exclusively used for scanning multiple networks on IPv4, IPv6, etc.

Coming in various formats such as, Nessus Home, Nessus Manager, Nessus Cloud & Nessus Professional, it is a dynamic tool that can scan multiple type of vulnerabilities. You can read more on Nessus & its working here.


kismet wifi hacking tool

Kismet, that’s a sexy name. Indeed as sexy as the tool is in its working. This tool is used for WiFi hacking purposes. You can read more about Kismet & its working here.

Acunetix WVS

top hacking tools 2018 acunetix wvs

This is a popular vulnerability scanner used for finding out bugs in the web applications. Acunetix is pretty much accurate when it comes to doing its job. You may try it out.

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top hacking tool 2018 netsparker

Netsparker is another web app vulnerability scanner. It comes in with builtin reporting & pentesting tools. The good thing about this tool is it automatically scans for vulnerabilities, exploits them & generates a report for you!

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top hacking tools 2018 oclhashcat

This is a free password hacking tool which is actually used for GPU systems. Hashcat is just its smaller version for CPU’s. Claimed as fastest password cracking tool, ochHashcat is available for all major platforms. It has various attack modes which assist in working, Straight, Combination, Brute-force, Hybrid Dictionary + mask, Hybrid mask + dictionary.


top hacking tools 2018 maltego

Maltego is a reconnaissance tool which does an all-rounder job during information gathering stage. This tool helps you map all the routes & trace routes on a single graph. Moreover, you can do much more with this simple tool. The beautiful part is its being a GUI-based, so any average person with a little knowledge of networking can use it for his purpose.

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So that was the big list of TOP BEST hacking tools 2018 for Windows, Linux & Mac OS X. I hope that will definitely prove beneficial to you, MR. hacker.

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