The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps your company have hundreds or even thousands of opportunities for someone to visit your website, read your content and potentially buy your products or services. First things first, let’s start with its definition. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), refers to the technique that helps your website have a better organic or natural position in search results, to make the website more visible to people who are looking for your products or services through search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is part of Search Engine Marketing or SEM, a term used to describe all search engine marketing strategies. The SEM includes organic and paid searches. With paid searches, your business can pay for your website to appear when a user types a specific phrase or keyword. Both the organic and paid lists appear in the search engine, but in different locations on the page as the image on the right shows.

Why is it so important for your company to appear in the search engines?

Only in Google, more than 700,000 searches are performed per second. That is, for every second that your site is not indexed in Google, your company will be losing hundreds or even thousands of opportunities for someone to visit your website, read your content and potentially buy your products or services. Both the use of basic techniques and advanced SEO, can drastically improve the ability to appear in search engines and be found by your potential customers.

And what about paid searches? Yes, you can also pay to have your website appear in search engine listings. However, you should consider it as a short-term investment, with short-term results. A page or a post with a good organic positioning, you can bring visitors and customers for months and even years.

Since the main purpose of a search engine is to provide users with relevant and useful information, it is in the interest of all, this is the search engine, the user and the company, that your website appears in the list of organic searches. In fact, probably the best way is to stay away from paid searches, as long as you do not have the security of having a firm control of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and everything that is needed to classify organically.

Google replaced traditional advertising

Traditional advertising has less and less effectiveness. Before, it was normal for companies to hire advertising spaces in newspapers, magazines and television, among other media, interrupting the content that people really wanted to see. However, with the emergence of the Internet, consumers are now in control, skipping or simply omitting information that is not relevant or of interest to them.

For this reason, nowadays it is not only important to have a good Search Engine Optimization or SEO technique, with its respective keywords and key phrases, it is also of great importance the content that you are optimizing and indexing, since if it is not relevant for your customers and potential consumers, they will simply ignore it and that traffic will go to competitors who are doing their tasks well.