Simple Fitness Tips That Will Improve Your Rugby Game


Rugby has emerged as one of the most popular sports in recent years, and with the game gaining more fans, many people are interested in it. An increase in competition has made rugby tougher than ever before, so your chances to play for a well-established rugby team or club are quite low.

You need to be good at playing rugby to match the standards of other players. You may be thinking that it is rather difficult to improve your rugby skills, but that is not the case. Here are some simple fitness tips to help you improve your rugby game.

Focus On the Needs of Your Position

The position you are currently playing or wish to play will determine the choices you make when doing exercises. If you are to playing in the forward position, you should do workouts that strengthen your core and also improve your flexibility. Those who are playing in the scrum-half position should focus more on their speed, decision-making, and evasive skills.

Do More Strength Exercises

Although cardio-based exercises are essential and may help you while playing rugby, you should focus more on strength and muscle-building exercises. The more you hit the gym to lift weights, the more strength your body develops.

When lifting weights, you should not focus on lifting heavy weights all the time.You should also focus on conditioning your body. This will help to prevent injuries that may happen when you are playing. Since rugby requires you to have the biggest and toughest physique, you should visit reliable online shops like 120kgs for supplements to boost your build efficiently.

Mix Up Your Training

Even if you are doing exercises that focus on your playing position, you should consider combining other practices as well. To be a better player in every criterion, you need to do strengthening, conditioning, and aerobics exercises. Combining exercises will help your body adapt quickly during different situations while playing.

Eat Right

Eating the right foods is essential in determining your body’s fitness level, thus affecting your performance. Since you are a beginner in playing rugby, you might not have professional aid all the time to determine what types and amounts of food you should be consuming, so you should make a point of watching what you consume every day.

Your diet should consist mainly of protein and lots of fluids. Though carbs are seen as the enemy when building your body, they are quite beneficial when eaten at the right time and amount.

Always Manage Your Injuries

When playing rugby, it is common for players to encounter injuries since it is a physically demanding sport. You should understand your body since it will help you know if you may have an injury that needs proper attention.

Not treating even small injuries may result in major problems. You don’t want to end your rugby career at your prime because of an injury that you could have treated earlier.


To be a better rugby player, you need to be ready to workout tirelessly each day. If you are finding difficulties in upping your game, you should consider the tips mentioned here.