Guide Dota 2: Tools To Communicate With Your Team


Both in Dota 2, as in most video games considered electronic sports is essential to work as a team, constantly coordinate and have synergy with the rest of the teammates to achieve the ultimate goal, in this case, destroy the enemy’s ancestor. And in a game, communication plays a fundamental role. Then, I leave some tools provided by the game itself with which we can improve our communication skills.

Sometimes, lack of communication is one of the main reasons why players lose games, especially at lower skill levels. Communication is a key element that can decide if players cooperate and unite to defeat their opponents or to end up doing the opposite. And everything begins in the election and prohibition phase.

Guide Dota 2: Tools To Communicate With Your Team

A misuse of communication is to point out the errors and bad choices of our teammates once they have been made, instead of expressing our opinion about what we think should be done in advance. This usually leads to negative behaviour and toxicity that only reduces the morale and confidence of the team.

Amateur players must understand that playing live Dota 2 matches as a team requires much more than knowledge of the game; it is very important the order of choice of skills or objects, as well as the mechanics and the overall vision of the game. So to play all at once, even if in some moments the most accurate decisions are not made, it is demonstrated that better results are obtained than if each player plays individually.

There Are Two Types Of Communication:

  • The Verbal Communication.
  • The Non-verbal Communication.

It is probably the most efficient and effective way to communicate with the team. You can report on the current status and the decisions that are going to be taken instantly, although it is not exempt from misunderstandings due to the tone of the voice or other factors such as:

The Language:

It is one of the main barriers that limit communication effectively, although it can be solved with non-verbal communication.

The Will:

Not everyone has, wants or can use the microphone when not feeling comfortable or simply because of shyness.

The Capacity:

Formulating ideas, expressing them and listening to counterarguments while playing with a hero is complicated.


It is difficult to find a balance in communication so as not to seem too heavy or non-communicative because of the obviousness of the situation.

Only A Voice:

Generally, professional teams only have one player who makes the important decisions and leads the team. But in a public game it is complex, and often everyone sees their position, which can generate conflicts.

What To Say?

If one can avoid these problems and use verbal communication effectively, everything will go relatively well. We always have to speak in the context of equipment, and for this, we can use phrases like:

We should do…

We can try…

It is always better to speak in plural than to focus the comments or point to a single player. This gives the feeling that all actions are a team effort and that everyone is working together to achieve a common goal.

There are some streamers or you tubers from Dota 2 who are very communicative with their teammates, who try to teach and direct during the game.

Non-verbal Communication

As you know, in non-verbal communication there is a process of sending and receiving messages without words, either with signs, gestures or signs, with which you can understand or make yourself understood with other people.

In Dota 2 we have some tools that facilitate communication without words:

The Chat Wheel

One of the biggest advantages of using the chat wheel is that it automatically translates the messages you send in the language of your teammate. With this, we solve the language barriers we had with verbal communication, specifically with the use of the microphone. And best of all, over time they have been introducing more messages to communicate different purposes or objectives.

The Primary Chat Wheel:

In it, we can establish objectives to work collectively as a team. For example, we finish with the tower and we go back, we go to Roshan or we press for different lines.

The Secondary Chat Wheel:

In this, we can include friendly messages and encouragement to teammates. Phrases like “well played” or “do not give up” can increase morale and have a very positive impact on a player. We can also admit our failures with a simple “I’m sorry”.

The Ping Wheel

It’s one of the best things you’ve recently added in Dota 2. It came with the Dueling Fates update or in patch 7.07, and it allows you to share crucial and location-specific information on the map with your teammates as places where you need vision or you think the enemy has vision.


Due to the complexity and depth of the game, it does not surprise us that all the options listed above are not enough to transmit all the information that happens in a game. Therefore, there are still more commands on the status of different heroes and elements:

Hero Icons:

By clicking on Alt in the icon of the enemy hero that is at the top of the screen, we can indicate that an enemy is missing or we do not know where it is. The same, but adding Ctrl to the equation we can indicate that it has returned to the line.

Quick Purchase:

Pressing Alt on an object tells us how much gold we need to buy it. And recently, an additional option was added, which tells you how much gold you need both for the item and for the repurchase by pressing Ctrl + Alt and clicking on the object.


Alt + click on the clock in the top center of the screen is very useful to inform your teammates of the times of the runes or Roshan. Also, Ctrl + Alt + click on the clock also shows if it is day or night, and how much time is left for it. This is useful when there are heroes like Night Stalker and Keeper of the Light on any team.

Purchase Of Objects:

With Alt + click on the items in the Store you can indicate that you intend to buy that item. However, Ctrl + Alt + click on an item you tell your team that someone should buy it. This is useful when there is an invisible hero in the opposing team and you need someone to buy “Dust of Revelation”.


It’s simple enough to understand that pressing Alt on the glyph icon indicates whether it’s on or off. An even more important message is to tell your team not to use the Glyph by pressing Ctrl + Alt while clicking on the same icon. This is so you can use it wisely and time it when opponents activate skills or elements that inflict structural damage.


Coordinating with other strangers and playing as a team can be extremely difficult, especially in a game like Dota 2, with so many heroes, strategies, and possibilities. We must try to overcome the negative thoughts and toxicity of other people with calm, patience and good communication to lead the team to victory. And remember, there are options like silencing and reporting players with misconduct.