How To Hack A CCTV Camera?


Researcher from cloud-based video surveillance company Cloud view suggested that the majority of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems can be hacked, providing an open door to cyber attackers.

Amazingly you can not only hack but can control almost every type of CCTV cameras.

However today we will learn about hacking private CCTV and Google hacking- step by step.


Step 1:- Download Angry Ip Scanner

Angry Ip scanner is powerful GUI Port scanner. It is available for all major OS.


Step 2:- Opt Ip Address Range

It’s foremost to choose proper Ip address range for CCTV camera hacking.

CCTV cameras are connected with broadband internet connection.

If your access is broadband router then find your public Ip address.

Type ‘My IP’ in Google. Google will show your public Ip address

Ip range can be o or o

Step 3:- Organize Angry Ip for CCTV Camera Hacking

Open Angry Ip Scanner

Go to tools > Preferences > Ports | add ports 80,8080,23 in Port selection tab.

You can also add web detect.

As this will help you to detect and can show short details about device details connected to internet.

For example:

CCTV camera models name

CCTV camera name

Router name or router model name

Way to add web detects as follows-

Go to Tools > Fetchers > add (<<) web detect

Click OK


Step 4:-  Start Ip Range Scanning

Add Ip range in Ip range tab and click start.

After scanning you will find information in web detect tab some examples as follows-


DVRDVS-Webs —– CCTV camera

Webs —– CCTV camera

Hikvision-Webs —– CCTV camera

iBall-Baton —– CCTV camera

Copy Ip address of detected CCTV camera, paste in browser and press enter.

Step 5:-  Default Username and Password

Mainly the CCTV cameras and router configured default username and password. Like-

Username: admin | password: admin/(blank password)/12378/11111

You can also find default username and password list by searching on Google.

Some CCTV cameras require plugin, you can download it from same page.

If not found plugin at same page then go to manufacture website site and download it.

Step 6:-  Split CCTV Camera Password Using Hydra

If default password not works then we need to crack it.

Hydra is powerful brute for tool and can crack CCTV cameras password.

Hydra syntax

-s 80 — define port number

-L admin — default login name admin

-P /root/desktop/worldlist.txt — choose your word list for brute force

-e — empty password

ns — try login as password and try empty password

http — port name for attack


Using these you can hack CCTV cameras.


Step 1:  Go to Google!

Step 2:  Enter any one of the following lines:

* Inurl: view/index.shtml

* Inurl: view/view.shtml

* Live applet

* intitle:”live view” intitle: axis

* Intitle: live applet

*allintitle:”Network Camera

* intitle: axis intitle:”video serve

Step 3:  Find a website similar to this:

Step 4:  Open a link from that…and hacking is done.

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NOTE :  CCTV’s are found almost  on every possible place for safety and security purpose to discourage criminal and prevent crime so above given tutorial is just for knowledge not for crime purpose.

Let me know what you feel about this Article? and how you used this for hacking? is it really helps?

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Happy Hacking!!